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Safilo Design creates daring barely there glasses in a wide range of shapes and colors.

Safilo Design is one of five house brands produced by Safilo Group, an Italian corporation involved in the design, production and distribution of an array of high quality eyewear products. Marketed around the globe, Safilo Design is a brand that has become synonymous with excellence in eyewear.

The Safilo Company was first founded in 1934 with the purchase of a eyewear manufacturing plant. Company head Guglielmo Tabacchi immediately saw the potential and began mass exports to the rest of Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East during the war. During this time they were limited in design options and were only producing celluloid frames in amber or reddish brown.

Once the war was over, Safilo expanded their business in Italy and began operating out of Rome and Milan. It was during this time that they also began to include the United States in their lucrative export endeavors. They were so successful that they began opening their own sales offices around Europe.

In 1967, Safilo made eyewear history with the development of the innovative Elasta hinge. This allowed for the frame to be closed when not in use, and carried around conveniently. This hinge is still the standard for eyewear today, although Safilo continues to improve on its original designs with modern versions that compress when open to ensure the wearer maximum elasticity and resistance.

Safilo is also responsible for the popular UFO sunglasses, a unique rounded triangular design that was a fad during the 1980’s. Always ahead in eyewear trends, Safilo Design has become a brand that is now trusted by over 22 different fashion houses to produce their eyewear collections including Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, and Dior.

The propriety brand Safilo Design eyewear is characterized by its use of squared shapes and bright colors, with the Safilo logo figuring prominently on the arm. This is a contemporary line that is lightweight with varying silhouettes. Safilo Design is considered to be the elegant representation of the Safilo Company, adding a touch of class to all who wear them.

With the use of high quality titanium parts, Safilo Design frames barely embrace the lens. Instead, they allow for a clear view of the eyes and face, accented by bold colors along the temples. Contemporary and chic, these subtle eyeglass frames still make a powerful statement.

Made to represent success and elegance, Safilo Design frames are the refined way to dress up your eyes.