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Polaroid Premium uses state of the art technology and innovative designs to make sure your eyes are always picture perfect.

Polaroid Premium is one of the most trusted names in eyewear around the world. A leader in polarized lens technology, they have been at the forefront of design and technological excellence for decades. The brand is able to provide full eye protection like no one else, in a superior line of varying eyewear collections.

Polaroid Premium specializes in sunglass wear, using its patented Polaroid UltraSight polarized lenses. These premium lenses offer superior protection from the sun while still allowing perfect vision. If you are in the market for sunglasses that keep sunrays from damaging your eyes, Polaroid Premium has the best solutions in the industry.

There is more to Polaroid Premium than top quality protection. The styles are meant to flatter the face using a variety of different looks, in designs that range from clear elegance to urban chic. Every style preference has been thought of, and integrated in with this amazing technology in eyewear.

Polarized sunglasses first gained popularity with boaters, whose vision was often obstructed by the extra glare that reflects off of water. Soon water sport enthusiasts realized the benefit of this technology and finally the rest of the world, who embraces a sunglass solution that allowed them to view their surroundings without interruption from the rays of the sun.

Glare is the result of light rays that have become horizontally polarized by a reflection. As a result, it becomes more direct rather than being scattered. This intensity of light can cause moments of blindness as your eyes attempt to adjust to it.

Polarized lenses created by Polaroid Premium have a special filter that is able to block that intense ray of light, and keep the vision path clear. This reduction of glare is useful when driving, boating or for everyday use as an added protector from the sun.

Just because they serve a vital function, don’t think that Polaroid Premium sunglasses are not attractive. The technology is advanced, and can be applied to frames of all shapes and styles. The lenses are also available in a number of colors, to complement your trendy frames.

Wide rimmed aviators are timeless, and when made by Polaroid Premium, give you maximum protection from the sun while looking cool and fresh doing it. Or you can go all dark and mysterious with a rectangular frame with darkened lenses. All of the frames that accompany the special lenses have been carefully crafted to match the quality of Polaroid Premium lenses.

No more shading your eyes with your hand. Polaroid Premium has the perfect solution to keeping your line of sight open, no matter how strong the glare is.