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National: Practical, functional and affordable eyewear

You’ve been there and done that, and you have the t-shirt. You have seen it all, sometimes twice. Now you are ready for eyewear that simply looks good, wears well and is made with quality.

National brand eyewear will meet your needs for engineered practicality and conservative good looks with their designer-style eyeglasses. These eyeglasses are also inexpensive. Paying less for good-looking eyewear doesn’t make you cheap; it makes you smart. You’ll look smart in he National Collection of eyewear, too.

This brand does not come with a designer’s name stamped on it, but you don’t need that at this stage in your life. You will discover that National still produces classic designs with a contemporary twist.

National makes selecting your eyewear simple. Most of the pieces in the collection are unisex, so if you see a pair of eyeglasses that you like, you can ear them. Of course the National Collection makes some distinctions between specially designed eyeglasses for men and women.

For your eyewear needs, the National Collection of eyewear offers you traditional looking frames in shapes that include rectangular shapes that will give you a studious look or double bridge style aviators that create a dashing look. You’ll also find oval shapes that accent the eye without overpowering your facial features.

These lightweight frames will fit you comfortably because they are equipped with spring hinges. That means they retain their original fit on you. Also, all metal frames bear plastic temporal piece guards to assure a comfortable fit as well. The frames also are available in an alternate fit for the man or woman with high cheekbones and a wider nose bridge.

Your National frames come in conservative colors of black, grays, silver, clear, gold and amber. These hues will go with virtually anything you wear. National also offers flattering feminine frames in yellow, plum and rose. A tortoise shell pattern is also available.

Select from plastic, metal or a combination of the two materials for your frames. Each style of frames could have multiple models; these are all variations of the same frame, with differentiated lens diameters. Each pair of eyeglasses is practical, functional and affordable.

National does not have sunglasses in their eyewear collection.

You will love how durable and comfortable your new eyewear from the National collection is.

With National Eyewear, you are purchasing a quality product of honest excellence that is made by the Italian Marcolin Group. They’re the same company that produces those trendy haute couture eyeglass designs by high-end fashion gurus. The only difference is that you are getting eyewear at a more affordable price.