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If you are looking for eyewear that conveys a sense of flair and sophistication while maintaining a casual aura, Marciano is for you.

You likely have developed an individualized, personal sense of fashion and style, and Guess by Marciano eyewear can augment and accessorize that style.

The variety of lenses and frames will attract your eye immediately. In the Marciano line of sunglasses and eyeglasses, you’ll discover glamor and good taste that displays a playful sense of pizzazz. Some of the Marciano eyeglass frames are studded with Swarovski crystals, and they are all the result of creatively bold designs.

Guess by Marciano is an upscale American fashion brand that has developed into a global brand. You probably are also familiar with the Guess brand, which is an offspring of Guess by Marciano. Marciano is the high-end leader in this line, and you can expect top of the line quality and design with Marciano sunglasses.

The French brothers Paula and Maurice Marciano, with the oversight of brother Georges Marciano, launched their fashion line in 1981 in Beverly Hills when they opened their first store. Georges Marciano, the elder brother of the Marcianos, founded and named the Guess Company, and he directed the design and production of the first Guess products, eventually leading up to accessory pieces such as eyewear.

Georges was famous for his work with denim, especially the stonewashed variety, which he brought to the forefront of fashion. His work was the standard by which all others set their courses as they eventually took advantage of the denim trend; suddenly casual could be glamorous.

That philosophy has been the leading design concept behind Marciano eyewear: casual glamor.

It is designed to convey fashion’s sense of sex, glamor, and innovation in all who wear the brand. The Marciano home brand of Guess products is targeted to upscale youthful customers looking to define themselves as casual, sensuous and sophisticated. They expect accessories with a bit of panache.

Guess by Marciano has developed a full line of eyeglasses for men and women. The frames are designed to flatter your face and make you seem sensual, confident and sophisticated. Frames come in a variety styles. You’ll find stylized aviators, cats’ eyes, wayfarers and everything in between. You will also be able to choose from a variety of lenses for your clear, prescription or sunglasses needs. Eyewear from Guess by Marciano is priced moderately.

If you are confident, full of high energy and sophisticated with a casual style, then Guess by Marciano may be the brand of designer eyewear for you. The Guess by Marciano products are of high quality, and they are the result of highly creative thinking that represents upscale American fashion.