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What other designer product line conveys casual luxury and downtown hipster the way Marc by Marc Jacobs does?

If you are looking for self-identity, then the Marc by Marc Jacobs line is for you. The Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion reflects parties, fun, causal style and nightlife; the designs are retro chic and forward vintage at the same time.

Marc Jacobs himself has been called one of today’s most important designers. A brilliant designer, he has consistently been able to interpret trends in pop culture and reflect them in fashion, and Jacobs is renowned for his “grunge” collection, which led to the movement by the same name in the 1990s. His name is synonymous with the grunge movement.

Not surprisingly, you can see the influence of many different fashion designers in the work of Marc Jacobs. His has adopted design trends that are playful, sexy, flirty and casual. Marc Jacobs worked as the creative director for Louis Vuitton until 2013; during this time, he also developed and managed his own creative fashion line under the Marc Jacobs line since 1993. He now devotes his full attention to the fashion line that bears his name.

Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear line consists of trendy and youthful pieces that come in unusual shapes as well as intense colors and loud prints. Lenses, too can come in a variety of shapes and colors. In this line, you’ll find an extensive variety of frames and lenses to fit your style. The Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear for men and for women is priced at the mid-range for designer glasses, so that younger fashionistas can own quality these youthful and relaxed designer-ware eyeglasses offer.

The Marc Jacobs fashion line is a dynamic and youthful fashion leader that likes to stay ahead of trends; in keeping with this trend, Jacobs has decided that the Marc by Marc Jacobs line will dissolve into the larger Marc Jacobs brand. The decision to blend these two lines came from the intention to make the parent Marc Jacobs line stronger and IPO ready.

Although the Marc by Marc Jacobs labels had intentionally lower prices, these set prices will be folded into the parent Marc Jacobs line. Jacobs says that mixing high and low priced items together in one fashion line is a seamless approach indicative of today’s trends. Consumers today expect to pay both low and high prices for certain fashion items, and the Marc Jacobs line will capitalize on these buying habits.

In the meantime, you can still purchase eyeglasses made by the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Eventually, though, you’ll be purchasing Marc Jacobs eyewear set at a variety of price points aimed for diverse consumers.