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Luxottica 6502 Eyeglasses Luxottica LU 6502 Eyeglasses 3004 Brown
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High quality craftsmanship and impressive innovations in design have put Luxottica at the top of the list of leading eyewear producers.

Established in 1961, Luxottica’s reputation for quality has made it the leading manufacturer of eyewear in the entire world. Their expertise in dressing the eyes starts with state of the art design, and ends in premium frames suited for all occasions. From luxurious to sporty, Luxottica knows what the eyes want, and has successfully fitted millions over the last 50 years.

Based out of Milan, Italy, Luxottica was founded by metal worker Leonardo Del Vecchio who transferred his skills into making high quality parts for spectacles. By 1967 he was producing his own designs in frames which were very well received by consumers and the eyeglass industry. Within 10 years he was expanding globally and began to be sought after by top designers who wanted their original styles showcased on the high quality Luxottica frames. Luxottica stands apart as a leading eyewear designer and manufacturer, but is also the craftsmanship behind names like Armani, Prada and Vogue.

Today’s Luxottica is the genius responsible for the high quality frames of over 20 different luxury brand names. They have also taken their innovations to Google to help in the development of Google Glass and its integration into eyewear made by Luxottica.

When you want a frame that is decidedly unique and shouting in class, Luxottica is the brand name to look for. Using subtle colors and clean lines, their collection of everyday eyewear is eye popping. No detail has been overlooked, including temple tips that have been dipped in coordinating hues.

It is those tiny details that make Luxottica a stand out supplier of quality eyewear, like in their translucent light blue round frames with dots of gold accents. That smooth subtlety in design is chic and modern without an overwhelming presence. When you want a frame that really pops look instead to the shiny black rims with coordinating gray and white temples.

Luxottica puts a lot of focus on meeting the needs of eyeglass wearers. They don’t take their renowned positing in the eyewear industry lightly. Instead, Luxottica is continually researching what the consumers needs are and developing eyewear solutions to meet them. The level of expertise they possess gives them a unique perspective into the industry and allows them to interpret trends before they are even envisioned.

When high quality is of upmost importance to you and your eyes, look no further than Luxottica for eyewear. Trust in what your favorite designers have already learned, when it comes to frames that stand the test of time no one is able to compete with this premium brand.