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Hugo Boss eyewear epitomizes the class of a brand that has been active in fashion for 90 years.

Hugo Boss is a German clothing brand that has been moving the fashion industry forward since 1924. Known for its risk taking collections, men young and old around the world have come to expect that the Boss Brand always provides cutting edge designs that exude masculinity. Now bringing that same daring to women’s clothing, the Hugo Boss eyewear collections have overwhelming appeal for both genders.

Having been a supplier of uniforms during the second world war, it was easy for the company to make the switch to men’s suits once the conflict had ended. By focusing on clean crisp lines and expertise in craftsmanship, they quickly became a brand known for creating work wear for men that should have the title of boss.

By taking an active role in major sports sponsorships Hugo Boss grew in popularity around the world, and began expansion into cologne and then sunglasses during the 1980’s. It was also during this time that Hugo Boss became known as a major player in men’s sports wear designs in addition to its suit collections. Having now dominated women’s fashion as well, today’s Hugo Boss covers a wide range of styles from classic English tailoring to quirky casual wear and modern active clothing. There stand out style extends to their accessories, including fashion forward designs for the eyes.

Bold and brash may dominate some of the clothing lines of Hugo Boss, subtlety reigns king in its eyewear. With exacting craftsmanship, barely there frames are pieced together with stunning accuracy. This type of rimless eyewear is not easy to pull off, yet with Hugo Boss they are built to last while still bringing forward that touch of class you expect in the brand.

The Hugo Boss eyewear collection is a stunning array of sophisticated styles. Strong and simple, this is the eyewear that bosses are wearing. Taking high quality frames and infusing them with subtle detailing, classic looks are transformed into stunning spectacles. Hide your eyes from the sun with Boss shades of all shapes and sizes dress up for success with fashion frames that highlight your serious side. That risk taking attitude that brought Boss into the 21st century is evident in every pair of frames they produce.

If you want frames that highlight your superiority, than become a Boss. Hugo Boss eyewear has taken its fashion innovations to new heights with eyeglasses that convey a clear message of authority.