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Michael Bastian is a rising star in the world of menswear fashions, and his eyewear collection clearly shows why.

With clean, sophisticated flair, Gant by Michael Bastian transforms eyewear into pieces of art. Having held the position of fashion director in the most elite retail outlets in the world, Michael Bastian knows what quality looks like and delivers on that with his Gant eyewear collection.

Based in New York, Michael Bastian worked his way through the ranks of the fashion industry, starting as an assistant buyer for Abraham & Strauss and ending as the Bergdorf Goodman men’s fashion director. In 2006 he made the decision to take his unique knowledge of what men want and transform it into his own line of men’s wear fashions.

His designs are thought up in New York, but carefully crafted in Italy, where precise attention is paid to every detail. In 2010 he entered the competitive women’s wear market with zeal, and the results have been highly received in the industry. By the look of things, Michael Bastian is only getting started on his vision to take over the fashion industry, from pants and shirts for men to high class fashion accessories like eyeglasses.

Nominated for being the best designer in menswear multiple times, Michael Bastian’s vision for the Gant glasses is the tailored gentlemen who is not afraid to take some fashion risks. The frames are distinctively modern with an athletic appeal that while approachable, still afford the wearer sophistication and class. It is this type of versatility that has had him recognized twice in the industry with a Menswear Designer of the Year award in 2011 and a Style Vault Award in 2012.

Michael Bastian’s goal has always been to modernize menswear, make it more luxurious but still keep it familiar so that it has appeal for men of all ages and backgrounds. His success with that vision is clear not only with his mix of clothing lines, but with his cutting edge Gant eyewear collection.

The same care that is given to creating unique and appealing designs is applied to the craftsmanship of Gant eyewear. These high quality frames have been constructed with durable materials, but amazingly still carry a look that is light and carefree. Sunglasses abound in the collection as well, and offer gentleman of all ages sun proof eyewear solutions that portray a spirit of fun, in a slightly sophisticated tone. Priced to fit any budget, Gant eyewear breaks barriers in the industry with an array of smart frames for men that make them stand out in a crowd.

No longer confined to dressing men, Gant by Michael Bastian transcends genders with a collection that is fashion forward for both men and women. With these stylish frames perfecting your vision, it will become clear how Michael Bastian has been able to perfect his so quickly.