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At one time in American fashion history, when you were at America’s colleges and universities, you belonged to one of two schools of style: Brooks Brothers or Gant.

Brooks Brothers offered ready-to-wear classic dress style. Gant arrived on the scene and offered ready-to-wear casualwear.

The Gant Company had established itself in the fashion industry in 1949 when designer Bernard Gantmacher, along with his wife and two sons, opened his own family business in New Haven, Connecticut. Gantmacher already had become well known for making quality shirts. He labeled his shirts with a triangular “G,” and the “Diamond ‘G’” as it became known, was soon synonymous with quality.

When Gantmacher’s sons returned from service in World War II, they joined their father’s business, and under the Gant label, launched the button down collar shirt that is now an industry standard for men’ shirts. The Gantmacher sons were able to mass-produce the button down collar shirt, unlike its cousin of limited availability in England.

The Gantmachers had fertile fashion ground in their own backyard: Yale University. College students were looking for a more casual style than the previous generations of students. They wanted a casual style that fit their way of life. The Gantmacher sons understood quickly that an American casual college style with a sense of European flair was exactly what students wanted.

With Bernard Gantmacher’s insistence on quality and his sons’ sense of fashion and style, the Gant Company began to make fashion headway and prosper.

The sense of Ivy League heritage is evident in Gant products today. Products convey a sense of design for the academic set. Think college courses, vast libraries, analyzing equations and committing to volumes of reading. The Gant style became one that is intentionally casual without looking like you’re trying.

The Gant Company will tell you that their Gant Rugger label emerged as the “obnoxious little brother” to Gant. The brand is a bit more oppositional-defiant than its older Gant brother. The Gant Rugger brand is still grounded in the style of academia, juxtaposing “eclectic modern” with “classic vintage” to produce edgy style. The brand says smart, fun-loving and sporty.

Gant Rugger offers a variety of eyewear designs for the casually fashion conscious. Frames are available in a variety of colors, and the lenses are rectangular or round. The eyewear can be found at an affordable price.

If you routinely look to update your eyewear, you’ll discover the Gant Rugger evolves more quickly than the original Gant brand. Gant Rugger does not set trends and hope you’ll follow them. That’s because Gant Rugger is a trend that follows you.

You can count on the eyewear style of American sportswear combined with a global style heritage. That’s Gant Rugger.