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Carrera is known world over for its sports eyewear and sunglasses.

The brand was found in 1956, in Austria, by Wilhelm Anger. The brand has been inspired by the well-known Carrera Panamericana auto race, the most dangerous, fastest, and longest race in the world. Carrera eyewear is famous for the special material called Optyl, which was invented by the founder himself. Optyl weighs 20% less than acetate, which is normally used to make eyewear. This material is unique to Carrera eyewear.

Carrera is a brand for the people who are adventurous and tough. The high-tech designs and innovative styles of Carrera can never fail to impress anyone. It is no surprise that international A-list celebrities such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West are often spotted wearing a Carrera.

In 2011, Carrera launched its X-cede collection, and took the eyewear market by storm. Carrera X-cede collection boasts of a patented best-in-class technology and fashionable and distinctive frame styling of the brand’s most popular style. If you are looking for sunglasses that are extremely trendy and stylish, and the same time offer advanced polarized lens Rx-ability, then Carrera X-cede is the perfect choice.

One of the most amazing features of Carrera X-cede collection is that it uses a non-film polarization technology, which means, no problems of fading or peeling.

Even the most advanced sunglass lenses cannot match up to the technology of Carrera X-Cede. It specifically targets the light rays that cause distraction, and filters and enhances the best portions of the color spectrum. The technology offers a lot more than what polarization does. It adds clarity, detail, and hyper-vivid color to the daily experiences.

The lenses come in three solid colors including gray, flash silver, and brown. The beauty of the lens is that they reject reflection and glare, and admit and enhance the specific rays that carry the best color, detail, and clarity. The moment you slip these sunglasses on, you will find the world a more brighter and beautiful place.

Carrera X-cede collection is incredibly light weight, so you can wear it with ease, and get used to it effortlessly. The sunglasses are highly impact resistant, so you don’t need to treat them like a crystal vase. Scratch resistant surface ensures that the sunglasses look like new even after years of use.

The brand is best for people who love to be outdoors and need a pair of sunglasses that offer best polarization and color enhancement. Carrera X-cede sunglasses would add style, elegance, and sophistication to your look. So, make sure your sport one the next time you step outdoors. Check out our irresistible Carrera X-cede collection, and you will be totally impressed.